123Phase Enabled large three-phase motors run on single-phase supplies at full rated efficiency. Our enabled three-phase motors start with lower than rated starting current at full torque. Our patented systems result in improved motor efficiency and longevity due to the correct power in all the windings.

With a 123Phase Enabler, a three phase motors will run on a single phase supply with the same efficiency as on a three phase supply. A high efficiency Baldor three phase motor already wired with an enabler will run at full efficiency on single-phase power. We sell Baldor motors matched to a correctly sized 123phase enabler. We can custom build equipment to run your existing motor where the power factor and locked rotor currents are known. Pictures of an enabler are here

We provide the best solutions where the following are concerns:
  • Low Cost is a concern:

    Our solution provides the lowest cost method of running motors of over 10hp on single phase lines. 123Phase enabled motors are energy efficient and have a long life.

    A comparison of two 25hp installations

    Rotary Converter

    123Phase ENABLER

    Total Cost $5,639-11,949


    Equipment Cost * $2,295-7,195


    Cost of motor ** $2,617


    Protection from
    overload, overheating, additional controls etc. ***


    Estimated additional installation costs for converter **** $100-500


    Sub Totals $4,112-11,312


    Shipping Cost at $.50/lb ***** 1,053 - 1,273 lbs
    $527 - 637

    * - the low price is the TEMCo summer sale price for a converter sized to handle medium starting loads. The high price is the TEMCo list price of a converter sized to handle heavy loads such as well pumps.
    ** - this is the list price of a baldor TEFC motor model ECP4103T-4. We can provide enablers for a large variety of motors.
    *** - Our controllers have auxilliary circuit breakers, the main contactor, and connection points for an inexpensive start-stop switch and auxilliary pressure cutoffs, and other control sensors. Rotary phase converters need controls to start the rotary converter befor the motor.
    **** - Converters are as big as the motor they run and need to be mounted on an addition pad. Additional wiring needs to be provided.
    ***** - Shipping cost can very widely. The weight is the combined weight of the motor and the devices needed to run the motor. The weights are the TEMCo published weights. Rotary phase converters are often heavier than the motors they run.
  • 3-Phase power is NOT available:

    Our enablers run high efficiency three phase Baldor motors at full rated efficiency on single phase lines.
  • Efficient energy usage:

    Our enablers run a motor at its nameplate efficiency or better. Losses in our enabler controls are less than one percent ... so low they are difficult to measure. Because three phase supplies are often not very well balanced, our enabled three-phase motors run better on single-phase supplies than without the enabler on the three-phase supplies.
  • Balanced voltage:

    A properly enabled motor's full load voltage is balanced to less than .1% That is a tenth of a percent. The currents in our motors never exceed the service factor currents even when overloaded. The voltages stay close to balanced at all other loads. The windings do not overheat. The motor runs more efficiently with less vibration. Unbalanced three phase power such as is available from most rotary phase converters, electronic phase converters and three phase power lines shorten the life of a motor and cause it to run at higher temperatures with lower than rated efficiency.
  • Low currents on startup:

    Our motors start at full torque with one half or less of the startup current that they would use directly connected to a three phase supply.
  • Longevity:

    For all of the reasons above, our motors lasts longer.
We specialize in Farm and Irrigation pumps.

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for PhaseAble Enabler
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