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We are a brand new startup company founded in March of 2006 specifically to commercialize the work of Dr. Otto J.M. Smith on running three-phase motors on single-phase supplies. And to commercialize related patents and technology. Otto J.A. Smith Jr, our founder, has a background in software design and electronics. He has participated as a principal in several startups. Much of the technical information needed to understand the technologies being commercialized here is referenced on the Technical Information page.

We have built several enabler-motor combinations that are being used in several states. We have the expertise to design and build enabler-motor combinations up to several hundred horsepower. We are currently standardizing on a set of motors for off-the-shelf systems in order to reduce the cost to the purchaser, but even if we do not have an off-the-shelf system that meets your needs, if you must run a motor on single phase power, we not only have the lowest cost solutions, even when custom designed, but our single-phase enabled three-phase motors run in our systems at as high or higher efficiency than they do on three phase supplies. With three phase power costing around $60,000 a mile to install, our systems are highly economical. In situations where balanced three-phase power is hard to obtain, such as from diesel generators or from rural electric companies or where motor windings burn out and the motor needs to be rewound, our enabled three-phase motors will run quieter, with less vibration and last much longer when running on single-phase than when running on the poorly balanced three-phase.

Please contact us if you wish to receive updates on our companies growth and progress.

Otto J.A. Smith Jr (president)
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